The first weekend after my arrival in London I went to Liverpool to see my family. Brian said that he too was going to Liverpool then, so of course we traveled together, by train from Euston Station to Lime Street, Liverpool. During the journey we were sitting alone in our first-class compartment when the dining-car attendant came in and asked us if we wanted dinner. We said no, but ordered some drinks. These were brought a few minutes later by a much younger steward, who in handing me my gin and tonic said to me, “Are you Brian Epstein?” I said, “No, but he is”, pointing to Brian sitting opposite. “Oh no, you’re kidding,” was the response, “he’s much too young.” Brian, whose name was already famous, more so apparently than his face at the time, was very amused; he had considerable vanity and was always extremely smartly dressed, being delighted when he was voted Best Dressed Man by a magazine poll in the mid-sixties. He lived in style too, at that time in a medium-sized modern flat in William Mews, just off Knightsbridge.

Geoffrey Ellis

Source: I Should Have Known Better: A Life In Pop Management - The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Elton John by Geoffrey Ellis

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