I am not a feminist. But I am pro-progression, meaning that I am in favor of opportunities and experiences that allow for the personal development and growth of men and women alike—especially when those experiences are sanctioned by the Lord.

By the same token, some kinds of “progress” with respect to women haven’t been progress at all. Society’s diminished view of motherhood and marriage as God defined them is troubling, as are the dramatic escalation of the sexualization of women in all forms of media and the ever-increasing number of out-of-wedlock births…

…And any trend that attempts to blur important, God-given distinctions between men and women threatens the ability of some to recognize the truth of the plan of happiness. In the clamor for women to be treated “equally” with men, many appear to have missed, misunderstood, or discarded as insignificant the innate, transcendent gifts women have been given and the unique position women have occupied in the eyes of our Creator all along.

Sheri Dew, Women and the Priesthood: What One Mormon Woman Believes (via heckyeahbucksexton)